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What Pictures?

what are these pictures?

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Welcome to the What Pictures? community.
Here users can post blurred, obscured and totally messed up pictures of anything from objects to people for others on the community to guess at what they are.

The picture you post should have an answer posted the next day (within 24 hours) or sooner.
The answer should be a picture of the object which is more visible. If this isn't possible then a text answer is fine.

Please do not add effects of any kind to your picture.

Use lj-cut where you think its needed [larger images].

How to post:
If you do not have the webspace to upload an image visit photobucket.com. There you can upload your pictures and paste the code from the "Tag" block right into your LiveJournal and post them to the community.

If you have any more questions on posting pictures please click here for more info.

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